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Are you losing your customers’s phone calls to noise? Did you try the cheapie ringer boosters to no avail? Do you want your phone calls from a land line to also ring your doorbell or Chime box annunciator? All the time, only at times? You may also set up this Announcer control device so that it shares control of the Chime Box or other Annunciator with an entry doorbell pushbutton, giving you a single sound device to release alerts on doorbell calls and phone calls. Chime Note for Commercial or Institutional Locations With 3 selectable sound notes.

Select the tune most appropriate for your application. Magnetic sensor appropriate for commercial applications requiring automatic walk-in announcement: chime automatically goes off after a customer steps into the store or exits the store. Note: This product is not recommended for metal-frame buildings. Kit with two sets: beam transmitter and receiver. Operates based on two beams for better precision.

Receiver with a standard form C relay output. One Detector may work with several Wireless Doorchimes for alerts in multiple locations. Will cast single-stroke announcer signal at the push of the doorbell button or upon trigger by the sensor. Adjustable signal length from a few seconds to about 60 seconds. Available sensors are walk-in beam detectors, magnetic sensors and motions sensors. When ordering this Module with a Sensor be sure to consult with us before ordering in order to determine the best type of sensor for your application. Module, with a few additional capabilities.