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We’ll define that complexity further in two parts: technical design and information design. Examples: If I’m in Washington, DC, show me promotions for DC. If I’m in Paris, show me promotions for Paris, in French. Generally must be exceptionally brief to be effective. Examples: Are you interested in our service for home use or business use?

Are you in the market to buy or sell a house? Can be used for everything from passing a unique discount code to personalizing content on the entire site. Examples: Customize landing page based on incoming email campaigns, social media campaigns, and paid search campaigns. Helpful for determining who is visiting you from a business location, based on incoming IP address. Examples: Show me a different message if I work in the fashion industry vs.

Establishes a fixed geographical boundary based on your device location, typically through RFID or GPS. Your device can then take an action when you enter or leave the location. Examples: Show me my boarding pass when I’m at the airport. Remind me about unused gift cards when I enter the store. Often combined with machine learning to identify new segments that humans wouldn’t be able to predict. Obvious downside: your site will need to support thousands of interactions. For example, if you’re a high-volume, B2C ecommerce site, you may have enough click-stream data to support useful personalized product recommendations.

A quadrant chart with Number of Visitors for the Y-Axis and Session Time for the X-Axis. Geo-Fencing and Clicks or Pages Viewed. Directly between the top left and top right quadrant lies Behavioral Profiling. Part 2: Personalization information design Personalization deliverables Once you have a sense of the technical possibilities, it’s time to determine how the personalized experience will look.