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We are looking for moderators for this forum. If you want a quality forum, and you feel your fellow posters will respect and support you as a moderator, please step up and volunteer. If you are interested in this, please use this form and describe yourself a little. Another damned Michael: Michael Oliver: Gold will take out 5 years of highs in 50 trading days! It will leave no time for committee meetings, no time for sentiments to gradually adjust to the new reality. This prediction occurred on Dec 7, 2018, so it would have been correct to say within 70 trading days. Low today and OFF TO THE RACES for the metals – or so I believe.

Was my reason for being bullish. The whole country will soon be a “shithole”. That is what happens with a corrupt government, and a blackmailable President. The only way out of it is for the people to burn it all down. Might take awhile for that to happen though. Even Denver, CO just made it legal to defecate in public on public property. Not gonna take an exploratory trip from MN thru CO on to AZ like family did a one month Xmas, 1970.

NOW – metals and stocks soaring together. The longer our border stays open, the more I think Trump colluded with Russia. I liken to Sep 20, 1999 for gold. A lOT like it – excepting it is the first of several runs UP.

Occasionally a new and memorable anecdote appears in Russia at precisely the right time. This past month, as Moscow has marked the tenth anniversary of the enthronement of Patriarch Kirill, one has been circulating that seems particularly apt not only for what it says about him but also what it says about Russian attitudes toward other faiths. The Moscow patriarch, the Dalai Lama and the Chief Rabbi of Israel are aboard a boat on a lake when they suddenly see a cafe on the shore. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to eat something! He jumps out of the boat and runs across the surface of the water to the shore. Having watched this, the Dalai Lama also jumps out of the boat and without hurrying walks on the water toward the rabbi. These two non-Christian are walking on water as if it were dry land.

Should not I, the head of the Moscow Orthodox Church, God’s representative on earth, not be able to repeat their performances? He jumps out of the boat and immediately sinks to the bottom of the lake. Probably we should have told him about the wooden causeway just under the surface? But properly interpreted, was in fact sound investment advice. Always better to add to a winning position, than a losing one. As for your quoted parable Clearly you must sell your gold or trade it for something else, to accomplish whatever goal. You can invest in yourself, your family, community, etc.

While sitting on unproductive capital can be considered a sin, any worthwhile goal should include more than just increase of said capital. There was in fact no bottom in commodities in 2018, as the last trading day of the year, was within that day — a new low for the year. I don’t “currently” see any bottoms for 2019 either. I’ve been exploring and enjoying OTHER avenues. 11 While the people were listening to this, Jesus continued and told them a parable. He was now almost at Jerusalem, and they supposed that the Kingdom of God was just about to appear. There was once a man of high rank who was going to a country far away to be made king, after which he planned to come back home.